How we can help you avoid getting into call centre hell…

New figures show callers have had to wait more than FIVE times longer to get through to HMRC tax helplines this year.

Figures show that in March 2014 the average waiting time for a call to HMRC was under three minutes but by March 2015 this had increased to almost 15 minutes.

And at peak periods – like the run up to the end of the tax year – ten of thousands of people – almost one in four – gave up before getting the help they needed.

HMRC introduced a new phone system last year which meant it took staff longer to handle calls which led to fewer customer enquiries being answered each day. They also struggled to cope with letters because staff prioritised the backlog of phone calls.

When you are busy the last thing you want to do is to sit waiting for someone at HMRC to answer the phone – and you can avoid getting into call centre hell by using an accountants like Barter Durgan.

“Most of the time we can answer client’s questions without having to contact HMRC via the telephone,” says Barter Durgan’s John Pache. “However, if we do, we have our own dedicated agent lines with HMRC, so when we contact HMRC on your behalf we speak to the right people straight away.”

Thanks to their enviable reputation for efficiency and expertise Barter Durgan work with hundreds of businesses, organisations and individuals in Portsmouth, Southsea and across Hampshire. Contact Barter Durgan today by phone on: 02392 738311 or email John Pache pachej@barterdurgan.co.uk